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Excellent gastronomy in an unique and ecofriendly place with more than 1000 farm animals. You can find a wide variety of fruits and vegetables and see with your own eyes one the biggest project of Finca de Uga; the cheese factory. You will be able to appreciate the huge selection of cheese that has been awarded internationally. One of their biggest achievement is maintaining the traditional approach to cheesemaking using their own cattle, guaranteeing high quality results and combing it with innovative outcome in flavors. The farm only makes about 24.000Kg of cheese per year.  For this exclusive tour you will have a guide that will assure that you get to know Finca de Uga it it´s essence while you will get the opportunity to taste the best cheese selection available.

This unique place is perfect for cheese lovers that have interest in learning about the traditional cheese making process and it´s fabrication and/or for anyone up for a beautiful day at the farm.


Get in to the Spanish lifestyle; laid back, relaxed cooking using wide range of ingredients. The cooking lesson will take you through the Spanish cuisine, assuring that you will be able to bring some of the Spanish atmosphere to your dinner table. Set your learning pace and choose from a vast menu of different dishes.


Imagine having a professional chef at your disposal that can take you on an incredible culinary adventure at your accommodation. Privacy, quality service and prestige is the perfect combination for a perfect night. Complete service pack with no hassles; our chef will take care of everything for you.


Take a break from everything, breathe, feel, just relax, we got a whole specialized team dedicated to your wellbeing, with recovery treatments and specialized massages .

Just get disconnected from the rush of every day and get in touch with every aroma and essence from our therapies.You will be able to enjoy first class spa quality anywhere and anytime you want it at your room or in a specialized facility in the island.


We believe in’’ mens sana in corpore sano’’ healthy mind healthy body and because of that we want you to start the day by enjoying a healthy breakfast at the hotel , greet the sun within the first hours of the day under the fresh morning breeze on the beach. Drive your mind and your body towards a zen state guided by the teachings of our yoga masters and the relaxing come and go of the atlantic waves just laying by the shore